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~ Makes me want to twirl in endless circles and chase the whimsical ~

Homemade Indian butternut squash with chicken <3

If interested, I’ll pass on the recipe!

Heavy snowfall left the poor unprepared trees crippled.

No climate change, you say? Autumn-colored trees draped in snow for Halloween

Snow day in NYC October 30, 2011 (Happy Halloween?!)

Just a day in the glamorous life of a furry beauty

On a beautiful day off

Life&#8217;s truth.

Life’s truth.

WNYC on a gloomy Sunday morning

Take a moment to stop and ask yourself:

How are you spending your time? What have you made of yourself with the talent you were given?

The goal is to like the answers to the questions- if not, remember that there is still time to change so that you reach the most happiness and satisfaction out of life.

~Strolling along the East River~

Om. Tea is life.
PS: $4 teapot JC Penny serves 2 small tea cups :)

Om. Tea is life.

PS: $4 teapot JC Penny serves 2 small tea cups :)

Souvenir from Ukraine- the leaf symbolizes love and worldliness as well as the freedom to float from society to society never getting trapped by any one location.

Protests near the United Nations

Just walking around the city.